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Swedish Body Massage Benefits

We at New Spa are always ready to serve the clients in need of the most relaxing hours of their lives. Our Swedish massage Bangalore therapy caters to their therapeutic needs and focuses on their muscle relaxation. Our Bangalore-based massage centre has some of the finest masseuses who are experts in providing Swedish massage to stressed clients. With Swedish massage therapy, we target the superficial muscles on your body rather than the connective tissues as we do in our deep-tissue massage therapy sessions. This helps increase your blood circulation and relax your muscles. Hesitating whether to book your reservation for a Swedish massage with us? Explore the benefits now.

Benefits of Our Swedish Massage Service

Pain Management Are you someone dealing with osteoarthritis or sciatica? Is it causing chronic pain? If so, our massage therapists just know the right thing to do. They apply Swedish massage center therapy to manage that pain in a natural way. No pills, no side effects! All you have to do is tell us the pain points, and we will target those areas and utilise the power of stroking motion to reduce muscle tension and enhance local circulation.

Enhanced Blood Flow

Our Swedish full body massage therapists are well-trained and well-experienced. They use effleurage, a lengthy, stroking motion in the direction where the blood flows towards the heart. We do this to open up your blood vessels and enhance your blood flow. More blood flow in the body means more oxygen and nutrients will enter your muscles. Also, it helps in alleviating toxins from your body.

Heal Muscle Injuries

We address any existing injuries like adhesions by relying on kneading and friction. This technique relaxes the different layers of muscles and makes you feel completely rejuvenated.

Reduce Stress

Our Swedish massage parlour aims at maximising relaxation. You’ll lie back on a massage table in a serene, peaceful ambiance, with one of our expert masseuses spending the entire session giving you the best-in-class massage. The hands-on attention and the tranquil ambiance will definitely reduce your stress and make you feel relaxed.

Need a Swedish Massage? Contact Us

We at New Spa in Bangalore are always dedicated to the ultimate satisfaction and relaxation of the customers. With expert Swedish masseuses, we proudly present this service at a reasonable cost.